List Building Ninja Tips with Sokule Jane Mark

Ninja List Building with Jane Mark
  • Hey Trevor, great to see you utilizing hangouts. Jane and Phil were great guests and super cool that Ted got to pop in as well. Loving all this great new content. Glad you got to talk with them about Sokule.. It’s such a powerful tool for social connection and lots of people don’t no much about it. Jane got us to dust off our account and start using it too.

    Keep cranking out the interviews

    • Thanks John… I love using the hangout platform. Makes it so easy to add video to any of your marketing.

      Jane and Phil were great and had so many tips and strategies that anyone could use.

  • Hey Trevor, It was great to connect with Yourself, Jane and Phil and was able to add to an already superb Hangout.

    Looking forward to our turn to participate in one of your not to be missed hangouts.


    • Thanks Ted… You were a great addition to the conversation.

      You and John are always invited to participate in my hangouts 🙂

  • Hi Trevor!
    Cool video share. There are some great tips in it and I am going to take the advice on board. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks James for visiting and checking out my site. I do enjoy these hangouts. I have had some really great guests so far and plan on doing a lot more through 2015!