30 Day Challenge

  • Guy Martin

    Nice post Trevor. You’re establishing yourself as a winner; a man who goes after something and gets it done. That must have been some trip frolicking with the big names in the industry. My congrats to you, well done.

    • Trevor McHaffie

      Hey Guy,

      Thanks for your comment. The trip to New York was amazing….Got to hang out with some really cool people and meet my Internet marketing mentor!


  • Well hello Trevor

    Great post and shows what can be achieved through focus and self belief. Love how you adapted your strategy as the month progressed and ended up getting a good number of new subscribers.

    igor Griffiths

    • Trevor McHaffie

      Hey Igor,

      Thanks for commenting. The key is not giving up right away on new strategies. There is definitely a learning curve.


  • Hey Trevor, awesome post and a lot of encouragement to those of us who are still trying to understand the concept of list building and the different methods you can use to build your list. FOCUS, trial and error is the key to climbing the ladder of success. I love the way you focused on traffic exchanges and worked them till they started working for you.
    Great post.

    • Trevor McHaffie

      Hi Kristie,

      Thanks for reading my post. I hope that my posts and learning can help you and other. This business get easier when you get honest feedback and work together. Its hard when you are try to figure out what to believe and what works on your own.


  • Hey Trevor,

    Thanks for taking the time to put all this together for everyone! I’m really proud of how far you have come as a marketer. It’s been great watching you develop your skills and build a following. Great job.

    One of the great things about Trevor that nobody really knows is that he’s got a full-time job that keeps him on the road a lot, a family AND a new baby… and he coaches his son’s football team all the way into the championships. And yet, he also manages to get the right things right online. He constantly focuses on traffic generation, which is a why he’s got subscribers and sales. He’s got the kind of disciplined approach I like to see in my students, because it pays off.

    He’s also an excellent example of generosity and commitment to helping others. When I first started out, I struggled, but some good people helped me over the wall, and I’ve been trying to pay that forward ever since. It’s great to see that Trevor made it over, too, but it’s especially cool to watch him help the next generation. He didn’t have to post all of this info, but he “gets it” that we all do better when we put our heads together and share our common experiences.

    Trevor, I truly feel lucky to have been a part of your continuing success story. I’m excited to see where you take it. Keep up the good work!

    If you’re interested in succeeding online, I suggest you keep your eye on him. Trevor McHaffie is one to watch…

    • Trevor McHaffie

      Sterling…Thank You for the kind words. You have been a huge part of my success by keeping me focused on the right things. I am very excited about what I can accomplish this year and how much I can give back to the community.

      To all of our success!