[Review] Sterling Valentine's ListLaser 2.0

  • Eduardo

    I notice that you offer List Laser for a monthly fee of $17 when Sterling Valentine is selling the program for $297 as a one-time offer. I do not have the whole $297 but if I purchase from you at the $17 monthly fee will I be purchasing the “complete” package that Sterling promotes on his website?
    Please reply…

    Eduardo Rodriguez

  • Trevor McHaffie

    Hi Eduardo,

    The $297 is a special offer Sterling is offering with the new List Laser 2.0 features.

    You can access the $17 monthly fee through the members area inside List Laser. This will include all the features of the new List Laser 2.0 but will not include the bonuses offered in the $297 special offer.

    Hope this helps…


  • Hi Trevor, this looks like it’s a great program. Can you elaborate on the difference between the free and paid version.

    Alex Zemkus