Top 4 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

  • Well hello Trevor, your first pointer is the reason I switched to Buffer from Hootsuite, as the latter does not include post images when you share your content on Facebook. As you rightly point out images are key when it comes to visually rich media sites like Facebook or Pinterest.

    As for the others options, its important to consider these as communities you are joining rather than simply as sites you are exploiting for your traffic requirements.

    Become a valuable member of these communities and people will begin to flock to your recommendation but of course this takes time and that is not what most people want to hear when they are looking for traffic solutions but that is the reality of these free traffic generation options.


    • I am experimenting with different social media scheduling platforms and have been looking at Buffer.

      I agree with you that we need to connect with the community we are writing for and not just posting to sites just for traffic. It is called a “social” strategy for a reason. 🙂

      Like you said it does take time to create a persona in these communities. It does not happen over night and there is work to be done to be accepted.

  • Hey Trevor,

    I am glad that I am on your blog as I found many helpful topics which are the basics for any blogger.

    Now coming back to your topic, I must say that you have used relevant points to describe it properly. You have talent, you have knowledge, but don’t know how to promote it, then you won’t be successful in blogging.So you have to promote it to achieve success. I mainly prefer marketing and commenting. But others point which you have mentioned, are equally important for the bloggers.

    Thanks a lot for writing this post.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Hi Swapnadip,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting here. There are so many ways to promote blog posts.

      I agree with you that to be seen you must take more steps than just posting. You need to be proactive and network with others in your niche also.

  • Hi Trevor, you have shared really nice post. I came here via justretweet website. You have shared many great posts on this site. Keep posting more. Thanks!!

    • Hi Manohar…Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the fedback.