[2 Minute Tip] Adswap Smarts

Trevor's Two Minute TipsSo I have decided to create a new feature here on my blog.  I am going to start giving quick little tips to my readers in my new “Trevor’s 2 Minute Tips” blog posts.

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding adswaps and since I have been active with adswaps lately I thought I would start off by giving you some of the tips I use myself when looking for adswap partners and accepting adswap proposals.

  1. When looking for adswap partners you will want to look for partners close to the same list size as yours.  This will help when you are seeking out people to swap with.  The other person will be more inclined to accept your proposal rather than feel like you are trying to use their list with out offering much in return.
  2. Before requesting or accepting adswap proposals it is very important that you read the persons ad swipe that you are going to send out to your list.  You want to make sure that the style is something you would want to send to your subscribers
  3. Also follow the link of your partner to see if this is an acceptable offer that you want to send to your list.  I am not a fan of exit pops trying to keep people from leaving…So any proposals I get with this I automatically decline.

I hope these tips help you if you use or are beginning to use adswaps.

I am a member at safe-swaps.com and if you are looking for adswap partners look me up!

Talk soon,


8 thoughts on “[2 Minute Tip] Adswap Smarts”

  1. Well hello Trevor

    Great advice as it is important to treat your members as clients you want to help rather than exploit with any offer that make you more money.

    I would suggest asking the other person for some more information about themselves as well, if they are serious about business they will understand that to improve their adswap conversion rate it makes sense for you to warm your list to their offer with some prior messages.

    igor Griffiths

    • Hi Igor,

      That’s a great idea trying to get to know your partner too….They can become long term partners as you build your list.


  2. Hi Trevor,
    I just wanted to drop you a line about your post and say great advice!
    I also send a test to myself to check spacing between my name and address details, then i also change it to the style i sign off with.

    Stephen Jones

    • Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for visiting. Thanks also a great tip. Having the swipe copy mimick your style is important to maintain the trust of your followers so they don’t feel used.


  3. Great post Trevor, not started using AdSwaps as yet, do you think it’s best to just go with the number of emails sent. Or, ask for like for like “click” ratio? Would this be considered “rude”? 😉

    PS – Love the look of your blog, good clean modern lines. The artwork for your IM Library works really well.

    Take care


    • Hi Tim,

      I look at the size of the list of my partner. I try to keep the list size close but I do extend requests from smaller size list owners.

      You can ask to match clicks, I don’t think that is rude but sometimes the clicks just don’t come.
      Keep in mind that it’s your copy they are sending and maybe it doesn’t covert well.



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