[2 Minute Tip] Mini JV Giveaway Event

Trevor's Two Minute TipsIt has been a few weeks since I posted last but I have been busy testing a new method for generating FLOODS of traffic!

I have spent quite some time learning about mini JV giveaway events.

What the heck is a mini JV giveaway event you ask?

A mini giveaway is where a host has a group of contributors (usually about 6-12) and they all agree to send a predetermined amount of clicks to the event.  All clicks are sent to the event main page where visitors can optin to the event and see the gift page.

The leads that are generated from these events seem to be higher quality as contributors are required to send the clicks from their email list and not from sources of social media, adfly, traffic exchanges or other traffic sources that are thought to be low quality.

What’s in it for the contributors?

Well, like regular giveaway events the contributors submit 1 gift that they will use as a free offer.  As visitors come to the event they have to opportunity to see the gifts available.  The bonus is that all gifts are are on page so every visitor to the event will see all gifts.  With mini events contributors tend to get more views and clicks to their offers than when they participate and upgrade in larger giveaway events.  Therefore, receiving more subscribers!

So I decided to host my own event…I had had some great success! (and lots of subscribers)

For my first I hosted a 100 click event meaning all contributors are required to send 100 clicks to the event page.  This would be a minimum of 600 clicks to the events page.

Well…I received 1249 clicks to the event! That’s more than double.

You are probably asking….How many subscribers did you get?

From the 1249 clicks I received 281 subscribers in 7 days (most were in the first 3 days).  That is a 22% conversion for the event page.

Now this was also very successful for the contributors as well.  The average clicks received to all contributors gifts was 106 clicks.

To make this event as successful as I could I did offer up some prize money.  I offered $50 for the most conversions (subscribers) and $25 for the most unique clicks to the event.

Even with offering prize money the cost of this event and the results work out to be cheaper than a solo ad with comparable results. The cost per lead for this event was $0.27.

Post got a little long but I HIGHLY recommend using these type of event to build your email list!

Leave a comment below to let me know your experiences with mini JV giveaway events or are interested in learning more about them.

Talk soon,


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  1. Trevor,

    Sounds like you had a very successful mini giveaway event. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to talk to you more about the details. Traditional giveaways have been a major source of subscribers for me and you really get a chance to find some great potential JV partners from the contributors,

    • Hi John,

      I think the event was very successful. I have done many traditional giveaways before but find that the mini giveaways provide better results.
      I have been able to interact with my JV partner a lot closer than when I participated in the larger giveaways.

      • How did you get started with this? Did you work with a particular partner to set it up or get the giveaway software yourself? I’m at the stage too where while I still get subscribes from large events hosting them is where the real subscribers are at. My last event looks like it will bring me close to 1000 subscribers but being a participant isn’t nearly as exciting as it once was. So I’ve been asking lots of questions about mini events. I plan to have close to 3000 subscribers by the first week of October so this looks like a good next step

        • I heard about them in a Skype chatroom and then did some learning and investigating them.

          I got in touch with a marketer that had run several of these and had developed a script for hosting them.

          We spoke a lot about them before I hosted my own. I wanted to make sure I was hosting them properly and wanted to be known as hosting good events.

          I am at a point now where I can duplicate the process on demand.

          I recommend hosting these if you can.

    • Hi Ric,

      These are easy to host once you have it setup the first time.
      A lot less “techy” than setting up a larger giveaway event.

      Let me know what you need and I will help any way I can.

      • Hi Trevor
        i want to host mini jv giveaway i have some exceptional products and some of the products i would like to give away via this contest.
        what do i need to do to set it up.?
        where do i get the contributors.? Alternatively i can post on forums and get the contributors or any other way you would suggest.?
        I will really appreciate your help

        • Hi Shan,
          Hosting these events are a great way to grow your list. As a host you do not need to provide a gift as your are only hosting the event. Your contributors would provide the gifts for the event.

          If you want to host an event you would need an event script to run the event for you. You could get someone to set it up and host if for you (for a fee) if you wanted to get up and running quickly. I can set this up for you if you would like.

          You can find contributors in forums and chat rooms. It becomes easier to find contributors as you grow your network in these places.


  2. Just came across your page. Love it! I have hosted several Mini Events and they all have had incredible results. I recommend that people try these out! After hosting 3 events I have added over 600 subscribers! Starting another very soon! Thanks Trevor!

    • Hi Matt….Thanks for visiting!
      I am glad you like my blog.
      I agree that these are the best traffic source for list building right now. I have added 400 subscribers in 2 events.

      Let me know how your event goes.


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