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Trevor's Two Minute TipsDuring the month of June I decided to kick up the notch on my advertising efforts to generate some solid subscriber optins.

I had heard a lot about others using solo ads to drive quick traffic to their offer with some great conversion rates.

Well…I guess you can see where this post is going.  I used some solo ads and had great results also.

Here are the results I got with my first solo ad campaigns:

Campaign #1Solo ad Purchased 250 clicks for $75.  I received 301 clicks resulting in 42 confirmed optins.  This represents a price of $0.34 per click.

Campaign #2Solo Ad Purchased 50 clicks for $35.  I received 79 clicks resulting in 25 confirmed optins.  This represents a price of $0.44 per click.

Campaign #3Solo Ad Purchased 100 clicks for $58.  I received 123 clicks resulting in 36 confirmed optins.  This represents a price of $0.48 per click.

To summarize I spent $168 and received 503 clicks.  These clicks generated 103 new subscribers!

Solo ads can be a very powerful method to build your email list and build your list fast.  These leads are generally more targeted as they come from personal email lists and buyer lists.

The email ad copy is very important and can impact the results of your solo ad campaign if it is not written effectively.

Your email swipe copy should be well written, targeted and entice people to open them.

Working closely with your solo ad provider they can help you create a very effective email copy.  Sometimes they will even write the email ad for you.  But make sure that you review it prior to them sending it out to their list.

So, here are my tips for solo ads:

  1. Choose your solo ad provider carefully.  (Don’t be afraid to contact them prior to purchasing your ad.  I learned a lot from my solo ad providers!)
  2. Have an effective and enticing email ad copy
  3. Track your clicks.  Solo ad providers will provide you with the details of clicks to prove to you that they sent the traffic that they promised.  But I would provide the solo ad provider a tracking click so that you can verify the traffic for your self.

Hopefully at this point I have convinced you enough to try out some solo ads.  There are a lot of solo ad providers out there that can provide campaigns to fit anyone’s advertising budget.

Here is a great resource to find solo ad providers:  http://soloadsblackbook.com. Its a great listing of solo ad providers and includes contact information so that you can contact them if you choose to.

If you would like a couple of good solo ad providers you can try these guys.  They over delivered on their offers and I had good conversions.

David Hyatt – Check out his offers here

Kelvin Nikkel – Check out his offers here

This post got a little longer than I expected but I hope you have some good success with solo ad marketing!

Talk Soon,


5 thoughts on “[2 Minute Tip] Solo Ad Marketing”

  1. Hi Trevor
    I have not used Solo Ads before but I like your advice so I think I need to take a look into this in more detail. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Have a great Sunday

  2. Hi Pauline,

    Thanks for visiting again. Solo ads worked very well for me.
    Let me know how they work out for you.
    If you have any questions let me know and I can help you out.


  3. Well hello Trevor

    Once you appreciate just how expensive ‘free’ list building methods are in terms of time then solo ads are a bargain.

    I have run a couple but not nearly enough to perfect this strategy in any shape or form.

    I like the idea of working with providers that will take the time to protect their list from poorly written offers by improving the copy you provide, after all you benefit from the care they take over their ‘know like and trust’ relationship with their list which is a win-win situation for all concerned.

    I look forward to seeing how you fare in your challenge against the unrelenting countdown timer!

    igor Griffiths

  4. Hi Igor,

    Thanks for the comment. The relationships you build with your providers will go along way.



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