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Affiliate Marketing Product Launch Ninja Secrets

One of the quickest ways to start making money online is to promote other peoples products as an affiliate.  Whether you are selling your own products or as an affiliate on the internet it can be quite a struggle when you are first starting out.

You need to know where to advertise, how to advertise or who to advertise to.  The answers to these questions cause issues for even the most experienced marketers from time to time.

By choosing the right strategies you can create highly effective affiliate advertising campaigns to produce great results even as you are building your online marketing business.

Before creating your affiliate marketing strategy you need to choose the right product to promote to your followers.  It is pretty easy these days to find products on sites like or

I have found that promoting fresh new product launches to be fun and exciting.  Several new products are launching everyday looking for affiliates.  Checkout sites like, or  You can even find product in the

Now one of the biggest mistakes I see new affiliate marketers make is that they do not fully support the product launch for the entire launch period.  If the product doesn’t perform to their expectations in the first few hours they change products right away.  This makes it look like you don’t have any confidence in the product your are promoting.

Ninja Tip 1: Know the details of the launch.  By understanding when the product goes live you can plan your BUZZ period to get people excited and want to buy through your affiliate link.  Get the word out that you are behind this product and are sharing what you are doing with your friends!

Ninja Tip 2: Create a bonus for buying through your affiliate link.  Believe it or not but most people these days go Bonus shopping before buying a product from an affiliate.  It is proven that offering a bonus with your promotion and increase your conversions.  Many product vendors will provide a template for you to create a matching bonus page.  They may even provide bonus for you to use if you don’t have any to give yourself.

Ninja Tip 3: Be Prepared.  If the product vendor has done their job and provided the tools necessary for your to be successful in your promotion make sure they are ready and deployed for launch day.  Queue up your email s in your autoresponder well in advance and schedule them to send at the right times automating your promotion so that you can focus on money making areas of your business.

Ninja Tip 4: Use Social Media and Provide Value.  Social Media is an extremely powerful promotion tool and extends beyond Facebook and Twitter.  YouTube, Google Communities, Hangouts, Pinterest, LinkedIn and even Instagram can provide you great reach to your followers.  Don’t just spam these groups, become a member of their community.

Ninja Tip 5:  Use Video.  Don’t be afraid of using video in your affiliate marketing strategy.  Get yourself out there.  People like to know who is behind the message. Video reviews of the actual product helps establish credibility with the buyer and makes a direct connection between you and the product vendor.  By using a Google hangout to record your affiliate product review you can rank this video quickly in YouTube and the Google Communities.  Google likes to promote its own properties so you can gain some good traction if done properly.

Ninja Tip 6: Provide A Testimonial.  Whenever possible provide a testimonial to the product vendor to put on his sales page.  This is a great way to establish the connection to the product and confidence that your believe in the product.  Helps get your name out there too!

Ninja Tip 7:  USE THE CRUSH CAMPAIGN.  Don’t be afraid to mail your list everyday during the launch and multiple times per day towards the end of the promotion.  As long as the emails make sense this will actually improve conversion at the end of the launch period.  This is a proven strategy and works extremely well.  Even if the product vendor has not provide a “Crush Campaign” email series it is highly recommended that you add your own emails to your advertising strategy.  Check out the video I created to help my affiliate understand the “Crush Campaign” and maximize their commissions.


As a new affiliate it can be tough to make the first sale but if you plan out your promotion, give yourself enough time and don’t panic you will start to see the dividends from your work.

Take a look at my JV page I created for my latest launch of Operation List Building.

I hope this post helps you plan out your promotions and I hope to see you on the leaderboards!

8 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Product Launch Ninja Secrets”

  1. Great article. I am starting my blog right now. I don’t have many product to sell right now. Do you have some recommendations?
    I recieve every day products from but at the end, you ask yourself, which one work better…

    Thank you.

    • Hi Brice,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. There are many successful products available on JVZoo that you can promote. Find some of the products that are top sellers and see if they fit what your list.

      If you are just starting out make sure you utilize the tools provided and don’t give up on the promotion after only one day. You need to warm up your list before they will purchase from you.

  2. Excellent article. Thanks for sharing these ninja secrets. I believe in everything you said here, especially about the video. If the customers will have a chance to know the owner that will build trust and it’s a good foundation for doing business with them.

  3. Hi Trevor

    Great post my friend.

    As an experienced copywriter I know the ‘Fear of Loss’ is a very powerful emotion. Omar is very smart how he blended this emotion into his Crush Campaign.

    Look forward to more posts by you.



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