The Advantages of Selling an Affiliate Product

There are two popular and effective strategies when it comes to making money online. One is to sell a product that you’ve created and the other one is to sell an affiliate product. These are different from making money from ads, in which you are getting paid to refer customers.

When you sell a product, you profit directly from the customer. However, you have two options to choose from. That is, making your own product or selling an affiliate product.

When selling a product you’ve made, you might automatically think that you’ll get to keep 100% of the profit and you get to control the product. But take note that with affiliate marketing, you can actually get a significant share of the profit anyway. While 60% is the standard, it can also go up to 80% or even beyond sometimes. Thus, it is almost the same way as selling your own item with regards to profit.

But with affiliate marketing, you are able to eliminate all risk as you are selling something that someone else created. So, you don’t have to invest time and/or money into creating something such as an ebook or a software.

Meanwhile, you can also choose something that is selling really well in affiliate marketing. With this, there’s no risk that the product will flop. You just simply select something that works in your niche. As there are no overheads and no risk, this will allow you to scale the volume up considerably.

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