30 Day Challenge

I started to tell you in a previous post that I had some really cool excitement last year.

As part of my Internet marketing adventure I took part in a 30 day list building challenge.  This contest was a little different than most others.

It was not only how many subscribers you could add to your email list but also how creative you were throughout the contest in attracting these subscribers.

The contest was organized by Sterling Valentine and he had attracted many Internet marketers to be the judges for the contest.

Winners would win a trip to New York City to be part of the ListLaser Live event and also be part of a panel discussion.

The contest was really cool because Sterling and many other marketers within his personal circle of influence were all part of “Daily Video Interviews”.  These interviews had all kinds of amazing tips to help build your list. The videos were located here: (Hopefully these videos are still available for you)

So Where Is This Going?

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So Why Listen To Me…

Online Marketing SuccessSo last week I told you a little bit about me and some of what drives me to build my online business. I have asked you to follow me and watch me through out this year as I build my business.  I want you to be part of my support cast and grow with me.

Why Listen To Me?

Well…My story is not unlike what you have heard from others in the sense that I want to have an online business, make money and spend more time with my family.  Sound Familiar?

But…I have had some successes (I will explain in a bit) and also some pitfalls and roadblocks.  I want this year to be open and transparent to show you that this can be done by anyone who is willing to treat this like an actual business.  There is no push button solution to create a successful business.

My Internet Marketing History…

My Internet Marketing passion began in January of 2009.  A friend of mine had introduced me to the idea of affiliate marketing.  I began to explore the idea and find out what this “Affiliate Marketing” thing  was all about.

So I decided to take a coaching course with a well know internet marketer…I loved the course and learned a lot.  I learned about PLR, Outsourcing, Website setup, Clickbank, Payment Processing, Driving Traffic and creating an Affiliate Training Hub (which I plan to re-launch this year) plus so much more.


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Who Is Trevor McHaffie?

You are probably asking yourself that exact question right now.  And I ask myself that questions to every time I come across a new blog.  It is always nice to learn about the person you are connecting with.  I don’t just mean the business stuff either…

About Me

I’m Trevor.  At the time of this post I am 35 years old.  I live in Ontario, Canada and have an amazing family.  My wife Liza is my best friend and we have 3 children.  Jaiden is 13 years, Maya is 7 years and our newest addition last year Tristan who is 6 months old.

My Story…

I am not here to tell you that I make millions online but I am striving to be very successful like you.  Like you I am trying my best to build an online business and want to help others as they work through building their businesses too.

I am employed full-time as a corporate security professional in a large pharmacy retail chain in Canada.  My job does require that I travel on occasion.

My family is very heavily into football.  My son Jaiden plays competitive football at a very high level where we travel across the province for games.  I am the offensive coordinator for the team so we spend a lot of time practicing (4 nights a week).  Maya is a cheerleader for the team and Liza is currently on the board of directors for the club.

Why am I telling you this…

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