[Diamond 360] First Month Report

Well, its been a month already since I started my year long Diamond 360 Challenge.

I have been working on many different things and learning how track and refine my traffic strategies.

This last month was a growing phase for my journey as I created my very own product!

I am using this new product as my giveaway on my new squeeze page.  This new product is displayed in the sidebar optin and also the popup that appears on my blog.

I had a great opportunity to record an interview style conversation with my mentor Sterling Valentine.  We discussed listbuiding in depth and recorded it!  It was a lot of fun for me as this was my very first interview and product.

I plan on doing many more of these interviews as I learned a lot and had a great time doing it.  I think this is a great medium to deliver information to my subscribers.

And if you haven’t already…make sure you get your copy of the call I had with Sterling.

Now, Sterling provided the Diamond team a unique system that enables us to track our marketing campaigns.  I spent part of the month learning how to use this new software to track all my traffic sources and determine critical business statistics like Cost Per Lead.

Now on to the numbers…

Campaign #1 – To try out my new squeeze funnel I used some paid traffic from Adf.ly.  This produced 34,000 clicks with resulted in 78 optins with 63 unverified subscribers.

I tried a new traffic strategy and purchased some solo ads and here are the results of those solo ads.

Campaign #2Solo ad Purchased 250 clicks for $75.  I received 301 clicks resulting in 42 confirmed optins.  This represents a price of $0.34 per click.

Campaign #3Solo Ad Purchased 50 clicks for $35.  I received 79 clicks resulting in 25 confirmed optins.  This represents a price of $0.44 per click.

Campaign #4Solo Ad Purchased 100 clicks for $58.  I received 123 clicks resulting in 36 confirmed optins.  This represents a price of $0.48 per click.

For the first time using solo ads I was very happy with the results and will continue to use them through this year to build my list.  These leads are more targeted traffic some of the other paid traffic strategies.

I also used a viral list builder (Listsurfing.com) to send out an email promotion for my new squeeze funnel.  It generated 644 unique clicks and generated 10 optins.

JV Giveaways are also a big part of my traffic strategies so I have registered for a few big giveaways that will be launching later this month so stay tuned for the results.

That’s my first month in a nut shell!

Till next time….


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