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Trevor McHaffie Diamond 360


As I mentioned in one of my previous posts I am taking on a new challenge this year to take my Internet business to the next level.

Things have been under way in the background and I am very excited to say that “Project Green” (like money 😉 ) is OFFICIALLY A GO!

To start off I had to complete a baseline questionnaire where I discuss and talk about where I have been with my business, different strategies I have tried and some of the challenges that I feel that are going to be roadblocks for me this year.

You can see my baseline questionnaire here:  http://marketerlink.com/diamond-360/meet-trevor-mchaffie

Also on that page you can listen to an interview I had with Sterling Valentine.

(I have sourced the interview so you can listen to it right here)

[audio:https://trevormchaffie.com/audio/360baseline.mp3|titles=Diamond 360 Baseline Interview|artists=Trevor McHaffie]

I hope you enjoy the interview and please be sure to let me know what you think!

To Your Success,



4 thoughts on “[Diamond 360] My Kick OFF Interview”

  1. Great interview and Sterling made a really good point that the biggest barrier to our success is ourselves which as he pointed out, you have managed to overcome and get your content out there.

    I look forward to seeing how you progress will enjoy the challenge of following in your wake.

    igor Griffiths

  2. Thanks for listening Igor.

    I agree that we can be our own worst enemy sometimes. I try my best to not let life get in the way but its hard sometimes.


  3. Great Interview it is nice to see someone focused and determined to take on a challenge like you are, even with all the obstacles we have to face you have the determination to take on all that you can.

    Look forward to hearing about your accomplishments throughout the year. Here’s to you. “Go Trevor Go!!!
    To your success,

  4. Hi Kristie,

    Thanks for listening. The focus is coming but it has been a challenge (lol)
    Determination is the key. If you want it bad enough you will make some sacrifices.



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