DoFollow Or NoFollow…That Is The Questions!

dofollowHave you heard of DoFollow and NoFollow attributes? What do this mean and how does this impact your blog? DoFollow and NoFollow attributes used by Google (and other search engines) to help determine what kind of value these links hold to the community.  Do Follow links are an indication that a webmaster or blogger endorses the site that they are linking to. The NoFollow attribute basically tells the search engines that even though one site is linking to another, there is no endorsement and no page rank flows to the other site. As bloggers this is important.  Most visitors who leave comments on your posts do so because they like your content but also to grow their “link juice” in the search engines as well from authority sites.  So commenting on a NoFollow blog does not help them build their authority in the search engines.

Did You Know That Your WordPress Site Is NoFollow By Default!

Not that that is a really bad thing but enabling DoFollow attributes for comments on your blog will help generate more comments and more interaction on your blog.

So How Do I Make My Blog DoFollow?

There are a couple of plugins that can help make your blog DoFollow for your loyal comment givers. The first one is called DoFollow plugin.  This plugin removes all the NoFollow attributes from your comments on your blog.  Very simple and easy plugin with no special setup.  To install this plugin go to your plugins tab in your WordPress installation => Add New.  In the search bar enter DoFollow and click search plugins.  The Plugin should be the very first plugin to appear.



The second plugin is a premium plugin called CommentLuv.  CommentLuv allows DoFollow attributes but also enables social sharing of your comments and content via Twitter viralizing your posts.  The best part about this plugin is that you can control how DoFollow attributes are assigned to your commenters.  By engaging your commenters to reply to more post to gain DoFollow attributes they will be more active on your blog and increase the activity for your readers.

CommentLuv is very popular and a very powerful plugin if used correctly.  I highly recommend using it.

I have it installed on my blog so scroll down, leave a comment and give it a shot!

2 thoughts on “DoFollow Or NoFollow…That Is The Questions!”

  1. That’s a great post, Trevor. I don’t know how many people just starting out understand follow and no follow. At the end of the day we want people to interact with us and our content.

    • Thanks John. I didn’t realize that WordPress was NoFollow by default. Interacting with our visitors is crucial for the success of our blogs and businesses. By helping others by giving some “Link Juice” through commenting on our blogs benefits us all.


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