Get Google Authorship Working For You

google-authorshipSo now that we know what Google Authorship is and how important it is to the promotion of our content and branding it’s time to get verified!

Here are the instructions from Google to set up your authorship correctly.  The instructions are a little thin so I will take you through the steps below.

Google requires:

  1. A profile photo on your Google+ account
  2. A byline on your content where your name appears on every page of your content
  3. You byline must match your Google+ name
  4. Have an email address on the same domain as your content

If you don’t have one already you will need to create a Google Plus account and ensure it contains photo of yourself.  The photo must be a head shot where you are recognizable.


Step 1: Link Your Google Plus Profile To Your Website

Google needs to verify you as an author even on your own site Therefore you must create a link between your Google Plus profile and your website.

Once logged into your Google+ account you will need to access the “About” page.  Once there you will need to scroll down to the “Links” section.  Inside the Likes section your will see a menu heading called “Contributor To”.  You will need to enter your blog information in here and then click save.

Watch this quick video to see how it’s done…


Step 2: Verify Your Email Address On Google+

Google wants to know that you are a real person that is going to post quality content so they make sure that you are using a REAL email address.

Google requires that you use an email address from the same domain as your blog.

As long as you are posting content on that domain and the posts have the same byline as the name associated with your Google+ account Google will make the connection.

So again you will want to access your Google+ account and enter the About page.  Scroll down until you see the contact information box.  Click on edit and enter your email in the space provided and click save.


Step 3: Link Your Content To Your Google+ Account

The easiest way to connect your content to your Google+ account is have your byline or author box link back to your Google+ profile by adding “rel=author” to the link.  This can be the most complicated part of the whole process.  If you are using WordPress there are many plugins available that can add this tag automatically to your posts.

Free Google+ WordPress Plugins

Author Box Reloaded
Fancier Author Box

Test Your Google Authorship Settings

Once you have made all the connections and formatted your content properly it is time to test and verify if your authorship is working properly.  You will need to use the Rich Snippets Testing Tool to see how your content will appear in the search engine listings.

Here is the link:



If you are having trouble getting your website verified by the testing tool try these steps.

  1. Make a more direct connection between your website and Google.  If you are using a WordPress plugin try hard coding the “rel=author” tag into your theme.
  2. Add more tags.  Adding the “rel=author” tag in different posts or locations on your website can make a difference.  Add it to your author box or your About Me page.

Once you have setup up Google Authorship you should be good to go.


2 thoughts on “Get Google Authorship Working For You”

  1. Well hello Trevor thank for the great insight into how to get Google Authorship all tied up and sorted.

    An alternative method I use is via the WP plugin called Better WP SEO which has an additional element where you can add the authorship verification to your blog content. I love this option because it minimizes the number of plugins on your site which is important for site load speed.

    • Hi Igor…Long time. Hope all is well with you.

      I will have to take a look at that plugin. There are more ways now to make it easy to implement the Google Authorship code to your content.

      Theme frameworks like Thesis and Genesis have it built in as well.


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