How To Add Sharebar Plugin To Your Blog

Social media and online communities are a major influence on how successful your business can become.  The more visibility and “eyes” on your content the more exposure you will have.  The better quality your content the more chance that your visitors will be engage and want to share your expertise with others.

By having an easy way for your followers to share your content the more target audience you can reach.

As you can see on the side of this blog post I have installed a Social Sharing bar which makes it very easy for my followers to share and like my content.

The plugin is called Share Bar and it is very easy to install and very customizable.  There are many of these plugins available out there but I find Share Bar very easy to work with.

This plugin can be installed like any other plugin in WordPress.  Once in the plugin options, select Add New.  In the search bar enter Sharebar and this should be the first plugin returned in the search results.  Click on install and activate the plugin.  Done!!

Once you have activated the plugin and are in the options settings you can activate as many or as little social sharing networks and options as you like.

My preferred sharing communities are Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  Both Twitter and Facebook are options already included in the Sharebar plugin but Google+ needs to be manually added to the plugin.  The simple instructions to add Google+ can be found here.

This plugin is great because the social sharing bar floats to the side of your posts and contains large social network icons that people associate with and are more likely to share.

I would definitely recommend you install this plugin to help your posts get viral social traffic.

Give it a try and post your comments below.

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