How You Can Benefit From Using A Viral Mailer In Your Advertising Arsenal

To get the right traffic sources you need to have the right strategies in your advertising arsenal.  A Viral Mailer also know as Viral List Builder or Safe List can be a great source of TARGETED traffic if used properly.

What Is A Viral Mailer?

Basically Viral Mailers are a community of like minded people that have all agreed to receive and accept mailing from other members.  They are credit based memberships sites where you can advertise via emails, banners and text advertising.

Check out my other post What Is A Viral Listbuilder for a more in depth look at what a viral mailer is.

How To Use Viral Mailers

Most Viral Mailers will allow you to register as a free member.  With a free membership there are restrictions around how often you can mail amongst others.  Upgraded members can email more often, to more members and even earn high commissions for referrals.  Be sure to check out the One Time Offers ans these can be real money and time savers down the road.

Using viral mailers correctly will make all the difference in how successful your campaigns will be.  Understanding the type of people who use viral mailers will help you target your advertising properly.

Most users in the viral mailer communities are promoting home business opportunities.  To best target these groups when organizing your advertising campaigns you need to deliver tools and services geared towards helping Internet Marketers.  It will give you a much better results with your efforts.  Also, offering free tools (like e-books, membership sites) tend to covert well.

How Do I Get Started

You simply just need to join a viral mailer membership community like Dynamite Mailing Explosion.  Once on the main page click on the Join Now button.  Or click on the button below to be taken directly to the sign up page.

Dynamite Mailing Explosion Viral Mailer

Once you click on the Join Now button you will be taken to a sign up form.

viral mailer sign up formAll you need to do is enter all the information and click the submit button.

Upon joining you will be asked to verify your email address before logging into the members area. Verifying your email address is an important step as this is where you will begin to earn some advertising credits for your campaigns.

Once your are confirmed this is where the magic begins for your new viral list builder campaign.

It is a powerful tool and can do amazing things for your online business if you know how to use it properly.


How To Use Your New Viral Mailer Account

Now that we are signed up and ready to go the first thing you will need before you can send out your mailings are some credits.

There are a few ways to get credits:

  1. Click for credits
  2. Purchase Credits
  3. Upgrade your account

Many of the members in the viral mailer communities are free members of the sites they join.  This means that they have to spend a lot more time earning their mailing credits by reading more emails and clicking in the credit link.  As an upgraded member you will want to do this also to get your messages out to more users.

Now, if you do not want to click for credits you can always purchase more credits.  Many of these sites offer the option to purchase credits on a one time or monthly basis.  The will offer many different packages so take some time in determining which is right for you.

If your not using viral mailers in your online business then it is time to start.  Choose from some of these top viral mailers to get started and learning how effective they can be.

In the next post I will show you how to write an effective email for use in viral mailer communities.

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