Instant Funnel Machine Is Coming

It’s been a while since I have posted here but I have been hard at work developing a brand new CUTTING EDGE software, Instant Funnel Machine that will change the way you build squeeze pages and sales funnels forever!

It’s called Instant Funnel Machine and it will be going LIVE May 9th at 9:00AM EST.

If you are an affiliate looking to promote an awesome product your customers will love get on board TODAY and get ready for a great launch.

Get On Board Here: JV-With.Me

Now if you want to see what this cool new software is all about you can check it out here: Instant Funnel Machine

During the preparation for this launch I was interviewed by JV manager to the Stars Delilah Taylor.  Delilah helps product vendors recruit and find affiliates for product vendors when they launch products.

If you are are launching a product I suggest you talk to Delilah to get a massive team on board for your launch!

See Delilah here: The JV Managers

Now, take a few minutes and check out this fun interview I had with Delilah about my launch.

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