List Building Ninja Tips with Sokule Jane Mark

A couple months ago I had the extreme pleasure to interview list building expert Jane Mark.

For those that don’t know who Jane Mark is she is one of the industry leading experts when it comes to not only building and HUGE list but also building a MASSIVE following and relationship with her readers.

Jane’s extensive business background has enabled her to create multimillion dollar companies.

Jane has learned about people and how to connect with them on levels most people cannot imagine.

Enough of the up tight background stuff….Jane is one of the COOLEST people I have had the chance to speak with.

Looking at her background you would think “Why would she take the time to speak to me” right?

Well, When you watch this interview you will be amazed not only by what you will learn from Jane but how much fun she has doing it.

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes because there is some serious list building leverage you are about to learn….

Plus Jane’s partner Phil Basten joins the conversation.

Make sure you check out one of their sites


6 thoughts on “List Building Ninja Tips with Sokule Jane Mark”

  1. Hey Trevor, great to see you utilizing hangouts. Jane and Phil were great guests and super cool that Ted got to pop in as well. Loving all this great new content. Glad you got to talk with them about Sokule.. It’s such a powerful tool for social connection and lots of people don’t no much about it. Jane got us to dust off our account and start using it too.

    Keep cranking out the interviews

  2. Hey Trevor, It was great to connect with Yourself, Jane and Phil and was able to add to an already superb Hangout.

    Looking forward to our turn to participate in one of your not to be missed hangouts.



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