QUICK UPDATE: Blog Redesign!



Well I have started the changes to re-energize my blog.

First, I have decided to use the Flexibility 3 theme.  This theme is extremely easy to use and customize.  The theme interface is very straight forward and easy to follow.




As you can see there are many options in the Flexibility theme dashboard for customizing your new theme.  You just select the options you want and deselect the options you want to remove.

I will update you as I use the more of the themes options.

I also installed a social share plugin (as you see beside this post).  Social sharing is a major part of promoting your blog.  This plugin was easy to install and implemented nicely.  The only customization I had to do was add the Google+ button.  The instructions were on the developers website and was very easy.


Stay tuned for the next post with more updates.  Please comment below.


1 thought on “QUICK UPDATE: Blog Redesign!”

  1. I went through the same thing. Just did a redesign on my site as well and in the early stages it is tough to set on a theme that works for you.. I found once I got established and started to develop my expertise in video and Google Hangouts the choices became more obvious. I ended up choosing a Genesis / StudioPress Theme as it was best for showcasing video, podcasts and reviews I was doing. I wonder how many get their theme right the first time


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