QUICK UPDATE: Favicon Changed!

I came a cross a great tip last week to make your new blog look a little less like a “newbie” blog…

When starting a new blog most people concentrate their time and efforts on changing the blog theme…but one way to really make you blog look seasoned is to change the favicon.

What’s A Favicon?

A favicon is a little icon that appears next to the web address at the top of your browser.  So as you can see by the picture below I did not have a favicon for my blog before learning this little tip.

TrevorMcHaffie.com blank favicon

How I Changed My Favicon

The first this I needed to do was to turn an image in to a favicon.  The favicon is 16 pixels by 16 pixels.

This great site will convert your images into the proper favicon format.  Check it out here: http://www.favicon.cc

Once you have created your favicon all you have to do is install it into your websites root folder.

Since I am using the Thesis Wrodpress theme I was able to upload my favicon directly through my theme.

Here is what my favicon looks like now…

TrevorMcHaffie.com Favicon

I hope you found this little tip useful…

Talk to you soon,



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