[Review] Sterling Valentine’s ListLaser 2.0


I am always on the look out for some great tools and resources to help people build their dream online business.

An essential asset of an online business is an email list.

To be able to build a list you need several complex moving parts….a squeeze page funnel system, an autoresponder, a hosting account, etc.

All of these things can be very frightening if you are not a “techie” person.

Well….I have found a great resource that enables you to start building a list with the click of a couple buttons.

I don’t normally believe the HYPE behind push button solutions but this one is the real deal.

You can actually create a fully monetized squeeze funnel with an autoresponder fully set up to collect email addresses at the push of a button.

Not only that, the autoresposnder is loaded with follow up messages providing good content and promotional emails containing your affiliate links.

The squeeze pages are nice looking and great to use in traffic exchanges (along with other places).

The best part is that you can brand yourself through this system.  As an upgraded member your name and picture can appear right on the squeeze page!

How COOL is that!

This tool is great and easy to use.

I am a ListLaser member and do uses these squeeze pages in my business.

Head over and give it a try. There is a free membership available so you have nothing to lose!

Check it out => ListLaser

Leave your comments below on how ListLaser worked out for you.

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3 thoughts on “[Review] Sterling Valentine’s ListLaser 2.0”

  1. I notice that you offer List Laser for a monthly fee of $17 when Sterling Valentine is selling the program for $297 as a one-time offer. I do not have the whole $297 but if I purchase from you at the $17 monthly fee will I be purchasing the “complete” package that Sterling promotes on his website?
    Please reply…

    Eduardo Rodriguez

  2. Hi Eduardo,

    The $297 is a special offer Sterling is offering with the new List Laser 2.0 features.

    You can access the $17 monthly fee through the members area inside List Laser. This will include all the features of the new List Laser 2.0 but will not include the bonuses offered in the $297 special offer.

    Hope this helps…



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