Screen Profits Video Training Course [Review]

Today I’m doing a review of Screen Profits, a new training program by Jeff Caravantes.

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Screen Profits is a new video training program released by Jeff Caravantes.  The front end offer is a training course that claims to show you how to profit from making good quality videos.

With the purchase of this offer Jeff will teach you basic to advanced tips and techniques utilizing Camtasia video editing software.

There are several videos inside the members area along with a some training ebooks to support the training.

Also included is a course Jeff has called GIPMY Logo Production.  This is a training course that walks your through logo design and editing.

There are upgrade offers that will be presented to you as you purchase through the sales funnel.

The first upgrade offer is the Accelerated Profits video module training.  Accelerated Profits is designed to take your videos to the next level.

You will learn more advanced video creation processes including how to prepare for your video creation to uploading your videos to the best sites.

The second upgrade offer is called Screen Profits Video Assembly Line.  The Assembly Line system that Jeff has developed is designed to enable you to create templates and turn out videos faster.

There is also a video assets pack that contains images, icons and other great things that will help make your videos look great.

I have had the opportunity to get access to the members area of Screen Profits and have taken a good look at what Jeff has created.

Screen Profits Members Area

Once you access your members area you can access the training under the Products => Basic Training tab.  This is the training you want to start with to learn all about how to use the basic functions of Camtasia.

Once you are in the Basic Training area you will see 5 sections or modules.

Basic Training

Module 1 is the first part to discovering how to start making money with your videos.  There are five videos inside this module.  two of the videos show various ways to profit from videos and the other three videos are over the shoulder demonstrations of Jing, Snagit and Camtasia.

Module 2 is where you really dig in an learn Camtasia inside and out.  I did learn a lot of great tips and tricks inside this module that I do currently use when editing my videos now.

The last 3 modules are more like resources as there are no videos in here but jammed packed with great resources to up your video game!

Jeff has also included text versions of his training so you can follow along and read as well.

My only negative feedback is that some of the videos are extremely long for training and there is no scrub bar.  Most people tend to stay engaged for shorter periods of time and some videos are 25-30 minutes in length and if I missed something I could not go back to review it.

With that being said these videos are full of great content and Jeff does not leave any thing out.

Next up is the GIMPY Logo Production training.  This is a basic logo creation tutorial that walks you through how to create and do basic edits to images using GIMP.

Gimpy Logo Production

This is a great resource he has included and has various learning formats including an eBook, audio course, video course and some resources.

The first upgrade Jeff has included is called Accelerated Profits.  This is designed to take your video editing to the next level with some advanced techniques.  From creating storyboards (very important) and maps of your video content to live video captures and even template creation for Camtasia to create video series of a broadcast.

He also covers the importance of audio and some free tools to help create stunning audio for a better viewer experience.

In the last upgrade offer Jeff shows you how to speed up the video creation process by creating an “Assembly Line” system.

Final thoughts…

In my opinion this is a great training course on video production using Camtasia.  As I do use video in my business a lot, and I am a Camtasia user I found this training extremely helpful for me to make video editing easier.

If you are a Camtasia user or trying to deciding if Camtasia is right for you this training will definitely help you become a video editing master.

Here is a great interview I had with Jeff about this product and video editing.

Enjoy 🙂

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