So Why Listen To Me…

Online Marketing SuccessSo last week I told you a little bit about me and some of what drives me to build my online business. I have asked you to follow me and watch me through out this year as I build my business.  I want you to be part of my support cast and grow with me.

Why Listen To Me?

Well…My story is not unlike what you have heard from others in the sense that I want to have an online business, make money and spend more time with my family.  Sound Familiar?

But…I have had some successes (I will explain in a bit) and also some pitfalls and roadblocks.  I want this year to be open and transparent to show you that this can be done by anyone who is willing to treat this like an actual business.  There is no push button solution to create a successful business.

My Internet Marketing History…

My Internet Marketing passion began in January of 2009.  A friend of mine had introduced me to the idea of affiliate marketing.  I began to explore the idea and find out what this “Affiliate Marketing” thing  was all about.

So I decided to take a coaching course with a well know internet marketer…I loved the course and learned a lot.  I learned about PLR, Outsourcing, Website setup, Clickbank, Payment Processing, Driving Traffic and creating an Affiliate Training Hub (which I plan to re-launch this year) plus so much more.


I implemented what I had learned and had a few sales to my newly created products.

In 2010 I received a promotional email from one of the many email lists I belonged to.  It was promoting a complete list building funnel setup and personal coaching from Sterling Valentine.

Through this coaching I learned a lot about how to build a list and drive traffic.

I started off doing well and building my list at a good pace.  2010 became very busy for me and I did slow down on my traffic generation but I was able to generate subscribers with the content I had delivered.

I re-focused in 2011 and was able to really drive traffic and start to have some motivating successes!

Here Comes Some Social Proof…

I can tell you about my successes and hope you believe me or…I can show you some of my successes…

So I have been able to build my email list to over 1,500 subscribers…

Aweber Subscribers

Since January 2012 I have generated over $500 in sales through upsells, my own products and affiliate promotions.

My most exciting success that I am proud of came in June 2011.  I participated in a 30 day List Building Challenge (I was one of the winners!) which you can read about here….

This post became longer than I intended so I will continue in another post which can be found here…

Talk to you soon,


4 thoughts on “So Why Listen To Me…”

  1. Well hello Trevor

    One word you mention in your post is the essence of your success…focus. Like you this is something I have struggled with, we are in the business of distracting our potential clients after all!

    I am now working once again with Sterling and can honestly say that he charges way too little for the benefits he provides.

    Great to hear about your success this year and look forward to hearing about many more.
    igor Griffiths

  2. Hi Igor,

    Learning to focus is a challenge for a lot of people but is essential. It is the biggest hurdle for me.

    I am very excited to be working closely with Sterling this year in the Diamond 360 program. I agree with you that he has so much knowledge and charges so little.

    But sometimes it is more satisfying to give back to the community that made you who you are than to take advantage of it!

    Hope you have some good success this year also.

    Let me know if I can help in anyway.



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