[Review] Solo Ad Results For Rick Ling

Solo Seller ReviewHere is my review of the solo ad I purchased from Rick Ling.

I found Rick through a recommendation from a fellow marketer in a community I belong to.  Rick sells his services through Safe-Swaps.com.

I located Rick’s profile in Safe-Swaps and read the reviews and feedback from other members.  The reviews were positive so I decided to give him a try.

My ad went live on July 24th and I started to see some optins in my autoresponder.

Rick is great with his communication.  I thought the solo ad was going great and then I got a message from Rick apologizing for the delay in sending the clicks.

Overall I thought this solo ad with Rick was successful and I would use his service again.

If you have had any experience with using Rick’s service please leave a comment below and let me know your experiences.

[box type=”green”]Clicks Purchased: 100     Cost: $27

Unique Clicks: 118     Extra Clicks:  18

Optins: 28     Optin Rate: 23.73%

Cost per Click:  $0.23     Cost per Lead:  $0.96

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4 thoughts on “[Review] Solo Ad Results For Rick Ling”

  1. Hi Trevor,

    Great to see you’ve invested in thesis, it’s an awesome blog theme.

    In terms of this solo mailing, were you using double opt-in? Did any of these new leads take any action in your marketing funnel? ie. buy your offer or join anything you had on the download page?

    When I joined safe-swaps I got excellent growth, but the quality was terrible, click through rates plummeted and because I was swapping I burned my list.

    I see that buying avoids the issues of swapping, but I’m still reluctant to pay for leads that might not actually be worth anything.


    • Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for visiting. I have had thesis for a while and really like it. Very easy to use and some of the premium skins are great.

      I used single opt-in for this for my solo mailings. I did have subscribers take action on the backend.

      Adswaps has its place and I agree with you that they can wear out your list if your not careful. I find now when I send swap emails I get more unsubscribers than with some of my follow up messages.

      I find that if you find decent solo ad providers that you will have decent results and quality leads. But you need to treat those new subscribers good when they sign up to keep them interested in your content.

  2. Hey Trevor, noticed review here very nice thanks….
    I will be creating a solo page as in safe-swaps are not allowing solo within a week of bookings only in advance and no later and for some is a too long a wait for a solo.
    Rick L

    • Hi Rick,

      Thanks for visiting. Let me know when your solo page is complete and I can add it here for others to get in contact with you.

      I sometime find other solo providers outside of safe-swaps because I can’t book right away.


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