[Review] Solo Ad Results For Roy Fielding

Solo Seller ReviewHere is my review of the solo ad I purchased from Roy Fielding.

I found Roy in a Skype group chat room dedicated to solo ads and adswaps.  I reached out to Roy to inquire more about his services.

During our chat I was asking a lot of questions and Roy just called me through Skype to speak to me directly.  Roy and I had a great chat (lasting almost 20 mins!) about many things including solo ads.  I learned some quick tips from Roy about listbuilding and Internet Marketing.

I really appreciate the time Roy gave to speak to me.  A big thank you To Roy!

My ad went live on August 8th.  I had 17 subscribers on the first day and one of the subscribers purchased my one-time offer!

This was the first time I had monetized this new list I am building so I was excited to see the OTO had been successful.

Although the optin rate was a little low I thought the ad was successful.

Roy thought the optin rate was low as well and has reached out to me to see how we can improve the optin rate.

Roy is knowledgeable and very helpful, I would recommend and use Roy’s service again.

Here are my results.

[youtube nCk3PP3XYpU]

[box type=”green”]Clicks Purchased: 100     Cost: $47

Unique Clicks: 110     Extra Clicks:  10

Optins: 29     Optin Rate: 26.36%

Cost per Click:  $0.41     Cost per Lead:  $1.55

Sales: 1 @ $7

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  1. Hi Maria…Thanks for visiting.

    I hope this information helps you in your search for solo ad providers.

    Roy was very helpful to me!

    Good luck 🙂


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