Steps for Finding a Good Internet Marketing Resource

Writing through the eyes of a person still very “green’ or “wet behind the ears” to the concept of how to earn decent money as an Internet Marketer, my journey to find a good Internet Marketing resource really reminded me of shopping for new shoes.

Step #1: Off To the Shoe Store

So what is the first thing you do when shopping for a pair of new shoes, obviously you head for your local shoe stone to look around. As a “newbie” to the world of Internet Marketing, I head for my computer to look for Internet Marketing resources online. Googling this term “Internet Marketing” or perhaps a phrase like “Internet Marketing resources” is like entering the doors of a huge shoe store! For more information logon to .The shelves, or in this case, the Internet, is jammed with all kind of products for your inspection .Each one competing for your attention and eventually your hard earned dollars.

Step #2: Browsing the Merchandise

If you are like me, I like to browse around to see what is available in my area of interest before seeking the help of the sales people. Others I know prefer to go directly to the sales people first, get advice and then browse in their area of interest. So that means steps #2 and #3, may be done in reverse order, depending on your shopping style.

So to continue, rather than walking around the shoe store, as a person interested in Internet Marketing resources you are browsing the Internet listings by clicking on various websites to read what the authors have to say, or perhaps you go to the paid advertisements and click on some of interest.

Step #3: The Sales Pitches

Sooner of later, you will seek out a shoe store clerk, or they will notice you browsing and approach you. In the Internet Marketing world, this process is often started after you read a marketing article, a product review, or a paid sales advertisement, and are taken to what is sometimes called a “pitch page” or a “landing page”. This is where someone is going to tell you all the many reasons why buying this product is going to make you very successful and rich as an Internet Marketer, it is a “one of a kind product”, “best of the best”, etc..

Just like the shoe store clerk telling you all the advantages of buying the shoes they are describing to you based on appearance, durability, level of comfort, and other features designed to make each shoe “the one you just have to have”.

Often a shoe store will have “specials” or brochures available to view as well to promote products in the store and your Internet Marketing product search experience is no different. Instead what will often happen is that some website “pitch pages” will have gimmicks to obtain your e-mail address, often in the form of a free downloadable information product related to some aspect of Internet Marketing. Often these are very good products and merchants know that we all like to “get something for free”.

Step #4: Trying On the Product

After listening to the sales pitches, either from your shoe store clerk, or visiting a number of “pitch pages” in your Internet search and reading the sales e-mails you probably have flooding your e-mail in-box, it is time to start trying on the products to see what “fits” or will work best for you. As you well know with shoes, one size does not fit all, one shoe type does not serve everyone’s purposes, and not very one likes the same color.

Step #5: Decision Time

So now we have reached biggest step, where the “rubber meet the road”, and you have to haul out your wallet, get out the cash, or credit card and buy the shoe or Internet Marketing resource that you feel is the best fit and value for you. Now here is where there is a real difference between shopping for shoes and shopping for Internet Marketing resources that greatly favors you, the consumer.

Yet in contrast you can put the Internet Market resource to the test, use it 24/7 to try and earn money, and at the end of the trial period if you are not happy simply ask for a total refund .Should you feel guilty about “test driving” products? For more information logon to .No way, this is all part of the way “business is done” on the Internet this day. So if you can test a product for free, take advantage of this! After all, in the end it is your money!

I hope you know have a better understanding of how finding an Internet Marketing resource is like shopping for shoes.

One final point I would like to make. When we go to buy a product such as shoes or a good Internet Marketing resource, it is often very helpful to seek the advice of others who have bought the product, reviewed the product themselves, or perhaps if we are lucky, someone who actually worked with the product. Shopping around for Internet Marketing resources and advice before you buy is certainly no different. There are many programs out there claiming to full fill this need for beginning Internet Marketers.

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