Are You Thinking About Self Hosting Your Email Marketing?


Self hosted autoresponder…

Yes or No?

I asked myself this very question many times and i’m sure you have too.

Whenever I tried to get advice from my friends on whether or not this was a good idea I was always talked out of it because the BIG autoresponder platforms where better and I could never get my emails delivered as good as them.

I have tried many of the big names in the email autoresponder space and have found that they don’t always deliver either.

So why should I leave my business in the hands of some large company that doesn’t have my interest top of mind.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons about hosting your own email marketing platform.


Deliverability is all about reputation.  Your domain reputation.  Your IP reputation.

Here is the reality.  On a commercial autoresponder platform you share the “reputation” of the other users of that platform.  Even though these companies have many IPs you still share the IP with other users.

So let’s say just before you want to send a broadcast message to your email  list. Another user has just blasted a spammy message that has been flagged by subscribers and email servers.

Guess what happens to your email?

Bounce City!  Your email will not be flagged as well because you are sending from the same IP as that other user.

And as you are trying to build your domain reputation it has now taken a hot because it is sending from a flag (blacklisted) IP address.

By having your own self hosted autoresponder you can control the reputation that is associated with your IPs and sending domain.

Server Setup

One of the biggest challenges is getting the proper server set up and email autoresponder software that will fit your needs.

This can be tough if you are not tech savvy but there are many options at a small cost to get you setup with all the proper settings for your server and needs.

The big drawback to having your own self hosted autoresponder is that there is very little in the way of support.  You can’t just submit a support ticket to get things fixed.  You will need to do it yourself or pay someone to do it.

But with the money you are saving on monthly fees it works out better for you anyways.

Server Warm Up

This is a hot topic when it comes to the discussion on having your own autoresponder.

And YES this is a task that must be done and done correctly.

Patience is the key to success here.  Don’t just blast thousands of leads right away.  You will want to makes sure that you engage and segment you r subscribers for the best results and trust from the email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo.

The Number 1 Reason I Use A Self Hosted Autoresponder

Because I am in control of my own destiny.

I had built up subscriber email list with buyers and because of the deliverability issues (and the cost I was paying for the deliverability) my emails were not going to my customers.

By having my own autoresponder I was able to import all my leads and customers in to my new platform.  Which you can’t do easily at Aweber or GetResponse.

How Did I Get Set Up?

The first thing I did was reach out to friends that had set up mailing servers before to find out the insiders tips.

I learned a lot.  Somethings went right.  Somethings went wrong.  But I was able to fight through and get it all set up.

I’m saving a ton of money too 😉

How To Get Started

Here is a look inside my self hosted autoresponder with 400,000+ Leads

I have found an inexpensive way for you to get YOUR own self hosted autoresponder and get YOU over 400,000 leads to get you  started.

So here’s the deal…

There will be some set up costs to get the autoresponder completely set up ready to go.  Definitely worth it.

I will share with you exactly what hosting I am using and some of the things to check prior to installing everything.

I have a few more tips I have learned along the way that I will share with you too to help you inbox.

Now let’s talk about the leads.  There will be a monthly fee for the leads.

Let me explain.

For about $35 per monthly you will get access to 100 new leads EVERY SINGLE DAY.  And if you refer someone else to the program you will receive 200 leads per day.

Pretty great right!

The best part about this is that we have an insiders group where we share all our tips, tricks and success with each other to help every achieve their goals.

Our little family has over 2,000 members and growing every day.

When you join the leads program you will get access to over 400,000 leads PLUS we do a lead swap every week this will exponentially grow your subscriber list.

Here Is The Program Features

  • Email Marketing Software installation and configuration
  • PowerMTA installation and configuration
  • Warm up guide and schedule (I’ll help you with this too)
  • 400K Plus Tier 1 Email Leads To Start (USA, Can, Aus, NZ, EU)
    • This is like having a Tier 1 solo ad to build your list with WAY better results
  • Thousands of new leads every week from our lead swap
  • Upload Any Leads You Want
  • Residual Commissions From Referring Others
  • Setup Within A Few Days
  • Complete Setup And Support
  • Low Inbox Rate But Even At 0.1% CTR With 500K List Can Get 500 Clicks Per Day (I’m averaging 0.45% and climbing every day)
  • Training strategy to email all 400K leads and build a list of Openers. I’m currently getting an open rate of 43%-50% on my opener’s list and selling affiliate products.
  • All Above Are Our Team BONUSES When You Join MLGS And Are Not Included With MLGS Itself. Only The 100-200 Daily Leads Come From MLGS. The Price Includes Both MLGS And Self Hosting. There Are No Additional Costs.

I hope this gives you a bit more information on self hosted autoresponders and you can make the decision to make the just Like I did.

If you have any questions or need any help just reach out to me on Facebook.

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Easily Avoid These Email Marketing Mistakes Today

Have You Made Any Of These Email Marketing Mistakes?

Let Me Show You So Ways To Fix Them!

Hey There!

Trevor McHaffie here on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I want to bring you some mistakes I see many email marketers make so you don’t do them too.

And If any of these happen to you I’m going to show you how to fix them too!

Not everyone is super excited about admitting they make mistakes but the reality is that Mistakes Happen To Everyone.

Whether you are a newbie or not none of us are immune to screwing up.
But there is no excuse to letting mistakes slide if you are aware they are happening.

Don’t make it a habit as these mistakes can damage your credibility and professionalism.

With that being said even if you’re in the middle of an email MELTDOWN I’m going to help you through it and save your image.

We are usually our own worst critics but keep in mind that not all mistakes are created equal.

There is not need to send out a rescue party for a punctuation error.

So, let’s go over some of the most common mistakes and talk about how good or bad they really are.

1.  Typos

Fat Finger Syndrome?  Guilty as charged 😉
Forgot to run spellcheck?  Again, Guilty.

But there is no need to freak out here.  These errors are usually harmless and very rarely noticed by your readers.

That’s not to say you can ignore all your spelling mistakes.  Your messaging can lead your readers in different directions and discourage them from interacting with you or making purchases.

Take a look at this sign encouraging learning… Do you see the mistake?

Just this week I heard a story of some workers in Doral, Florida that were doing some street painting for the city.  The were supposed to paint the word “SCHOOL” for a crosswalk.

Here is a result of their handy work…

2.  Missing or Broken Links

As a marketer your business literally relies on you getting your readers to click on your links.

Losing those clicks is losing you money.  Like flushing it down the toilet!

Always check your links to make sure they work.

AND… if you are promoting as an affiliate (or even your own pages) make sure they are live pages and are working properly and links are directing to the right page.

3.  Bad Formatting

Looks are everything if you want people to read your content.  When your emails are hard to read and follow subscribers will quickly delete and move on to the next email.

You always want to preview your emails by sending your self a test email to make sure it looks good.

A great tool to use is called  You can easily format your emails and text to any width preference and make it look good on mobile browsers.

These are just a few of the errors that can happen when sending emails to your readers.

But how do you fix your mistakes… Don’t Panic, here are a few tips to get your through the battle.

First, acknowledge your mistake but don’t freak out about it.  STAY CALM!

Based on how bad your mistake is you have 2 choices

  1. Acknowledge It
  2. Brush It Under The Rug

It’s not always obvious but you will make it through this crisis.

Ask yourself…

Is anyone actually going to notice your mistake?
Is the mistake going to damage your business or reputation?
Will this mistake make you lose money?

If you have the slightest maybe to any of these questions you will want to take the side of caution and send your subscribers an update to straighten things out.

Tip #1:  Keep Your Mistake Low Key

The good new here is that you don’t need to announce your mistake to the entire universe.

Let’s say you made a small mistake to a small group on your email list.  There is no need to send a broadcast to your entire list telling them you screwed up.  Just send a small light hearted apology.

Tip #2:  Laughter Is The Best Medicine

A great way to diffuse any tension with your apology is to use some humour.  Use some funny copywriting and lighten the message with some good Memes and Graphics.

There is no need to write a huge message here.  A short and to the point email will do.  Most subscriber have a short attention span when reading so keep it short and to the point.

By making these messages short it prevents you from sounding like the mistake is bigger than it really is.

Be upfront and real with your readers.  It shows them you are looking out for them and truly care about their success.

Tip #3:  Change Bad News Into Good News

Avoid email disasters can be avoided by “framing” your message with a positive spin.

When you have to deliver bad news to your subscribers emphasize the positives of the situation.

Don’t make the assumption that your readers will freak out about bad news immediately.  Most people understand mistakes happen and things change.  Just be positive!

Final Tip #4:  Ignore The Haters

You can’t always please everyone… Some people can’t be please no matter what you do.  They just like to complain.

When you get a response to your apology email from a subscriber just yelling and calling out your incompetence the first thing you want to do is fire back with all guns a blazing!

But, it’s always better to be the calm head and always stay professional.  And if you lose your cool you can bet that your response will appear somewhere on social media and this can destroy your reputation.

Give your professional response then move on to your customers and give them the attention they deserve and save your sanity!

I hope you found these tips helpful.

Comment below with your tips below.

P.S. If you are not already a member of my Inner Circle Facebook group you can join here:


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