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My Best Freelance Job Tips To Start Your Online Career

Want to start selling your skills as a freelancer to make some extra money but don’t know where to start?

I’m was out for my daily walk thinking about the best way that I can help you start a new business or strategy to add more income to your lifestyle.

Recently I started a new freelance business on Fiverr for me it was just extra income.

I have had some great success with little effort.

Today I am going to share my top tips to get started with freelance job ideas even if you’re a beginner.

These tips will surely help you to understand the basics of freelancing and get you started on your journey.

I have personally followed these tips during the beginning of my freelance experience.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr, if you don’t know is a platform where you can buy services from people that can help you complete tasks.

As a seller you can sign up on Fiverr and sell your services and make some extra income.

There are a lot of different ways you can sell your services without having any experience what so ever.

I am going to give you a few different tips on what I have been doing and how I set up my Fiverr profile.

You can copy exactly what I am doing to create your own freelance business.

Set Up Your Fiverr Profile

Freelance Job Profile

First, You want to set up your Fiverr profile in such a way that is optimized to bring you views and sales.

You want to choose a good Fiverr name that reflects who you are and what you can deliver.

DO NOT put a business name like Top Notch SEO Service.

Many buyers on Fiverr are small businesses or individuals that want to buy from a small business to serve their needs.

By using a generic username like your own name you can offer more variety of services to buyers.

You will not be locked into focusing on one niche.

Your Fiverr Profile Image

Same theory applies to your Fiverr photo.

Don’t use a business logo.  I suggest using a personal picture or a high quality stock image.

I personally feel that by using a photo of yourself you will stand out from the competition.

Many freelancers use images that are not themselves.  I have used outsource worker that are male and use a female image.

Because studies show that images of women get more views, many freelance companies use them.

By being genuine, I feel I get a better relationship with my clients.

Your Freelance Profile Description

Your Freelance Job Description

Inside your new Fiverr account you need to create a good description of who you are and what you can do for your clients.

Let them know how you can help them achieve their goals.

Expand on your experience and how that relates to your skills.

Under the description you will see a section to add ‘Tags”.

Fiverr Profile Skills

These tags are like SEO keywords.  These will help your buyers find you.

Find the tags the relate to all the services you can provide.

If you provide social media management some of your tags could be…

YouTube Promotion, Facebook Promotion, Instagram Subscriber building, Facebook Ads, etc.

Do a little bit of research by searching Fiverr for suggested tags you can add.

Also, look at other top sellers profiles for tag ideas.

Look at these profiles and get ideas to model of top sellers to give your profile a great professional look.

Gigs You Can Do Without Any Experience

Website Traffic

Now is the time to decide what services you are going to offer to your clients.

The service I started with and is the easiest to deliver is website traffic.

There are many ways to deliver the traffic to your clients.

Here is how you deliver website traffic with out experience.

I sell traffic on Fiverr and buy the traffic from another source and collect the profit.

This strategy is called Arbitrage.

I’m the middleman and deliver a great service that is in need.

SEO Services

Another service you can provide through arbitrage is SEO.

Offering clients backlinks to their website or blog comments on high ranking sites is a service that is in high demand.

If you can offer these at a lower price than other freelancers you can make more sales.

Graphics Design

Another simple service you can offer is background removal from images.

You can deliver this yourself using a free tool and keep all the profits.

I did a previous post showing you how to do this service.  Check it out here.

What Other Services Can You Offer

Fiverr allows you to post 7 gigs as a new seller.

You need to maximize your exposure and offering to your potential clients.

Scroll through all the categories that you have skills in and look for gigs you can do yourself.

Creating Your First Gig

The next step is to create your gig in Fiverr.

When you develop your gig descriptions make sure to include a good SEO headline that includes the keyword of your service.

Look at some of the top selling gigs and analyze how the headline is crafted.

What stands out to you?

Look at the tags they are using in their descriptions.  Go after these tags in your listings.

Now that you have your amazing headline you need to add an eye catching thumbnail.

Fivver Thumbnail

You can use tools like or to design a great looking thumbnail.

Again you want to do some marketplace research.  Look at the thumbnails in the top selling gigs and make yours look better.

A great looking thumbnail is critical to getting potential clients to click on your gigs.

You should also try and add a video to your gig listing.  Fiverr likes video teasers and prioritizes gigs with videos in their listings.

Your video doesn’t have to be fancy. Something as simple as a basic slideshow and voiceover explaining how your gig will help your client is enough.  You don’t even have to be on camera.

Your Gig Description

Freelance Gig Description

This is your gig sales pitch.  Be sure to put in time to great a really good description of your service.  This is what your client will use to decide whether to purchase fro you or someone else.

Including your keyword tags throughout your description is important.  These keywords are just like SEO on a webpage.  Fiverr uses these tags to match with user searches.

Don’t overdue it… Just enough to describer your service.

The top sellers have created high converting descriptions.  Make sure you look at them and break them down to what works for you.

No need to reinvent the wheel here.. Just improve it.

Time To Complete Your Order

By using the arbitrage method it’s easy to deliver your service without having to do the work yourself.

You will need to outsource this work to another worker.

One of the best sites to find outsource workers, especially for website traffic and SEO work is a site called

Many times you can find the exact same gig from SEO Clerks on Fiverr.

Many Fiverr sellers are lazy and just copy and paste the information and image into their own gigs to resell.

See how easy this is to dominate?

Just take those gigs and MAKE THEM BETTER!!

Getting Your Gig Ranked On Fiverr

Gig ranking is based on impressions, clicks and favorites.

The more times your gig is shown and potential clients click on it the more opportunity you have for your gig to be shown on the first page search results.

The more interaction you get on your gig listings the more sales you will make.

Fiverr is a platform designed to make money.

Therefore they want to display the gigs that can make them the most money.

So How Do You Get Action To Your Gigs

As soon as you create your gig share it to all your social media accounts.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and so on.

Twitter has been a good traffic source for me.

You want to make a YouTube video about your service and utilizing YT SEO to ranking your video.

Quora is also a great way to get clicks to your gigs.

If you don’t know about Quora, check out my recent post on how to take advantage of the traffic on Quora.

Quora is a question and answer community where you can answer questions related to your service.

When the time is right you can drop a link to your Fiverr gig.

Don’t use your raw Fiverr link.  Send readers to a bridge page first.  It’s agains the terms to encourage Quora readers to certain sites.

Facebook Favorite/Review Exchange Groups

Fiverr Facebook Groups

Next, you want to start joining Fiverr exchange groups on Facebook.

There are a lot of these groups where users are willing to exchange clicks and like on their gigs.  And they will do the same for you.

You can even exchange reviews.  Each person will purchase each others gigs then write a review on their service.

The review exchanges are valuable but it will cost you a couple bucks to cover the Fiverr fee.  But well worth the expense.

Once you have some reviews in your gigs you will start to see real sales follow.

Buyer Requests

Fiverr Buyer Requests

The best way to generate more clients is to reach out to them.  Fiverr gives you a way to apply for jobs.

Under the “More” tab you will see a heading called “Buyer Request“.

As you are on the platform longer you will start to see more of these requests.  So be patient if they are not there at first.

Buyer Requests are jobs posted bu users looking for certain job requirements.  These opportunities are open to any Fiverr seller that wants to apply for them.

Check these requests daily and apply for as many as you feel you can complete successfully.

Even by just replying, Fiverr will view you as an active seller and continue to promote your services.

You will get jobs from replying to these requests.

When you respond to these requests be sure to lower your price slightly to increase your chance of being awarded the job.

Just Get Started!

The biggest tip I have for you is to Just Get Started!

It doesn’t cost you anything other than a bit of your time to research and and create your gigs.

I do gig exchanges while I am out walking or in my down time.  A few minutes a day will start your freelance business.

I hope you found this post about freelance jobs and how you can start your own freelance business helpful.

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