[Diamond 360] First Month Report

Well, its been a month already since I started my year long Diamond 360 Challenge.

I have been working on many different things and learning how track and refine my traffic strategies.

This last month was a growing phase for my journey as I created my very own product!

I am using this new product as my giveaway on my new squeeze page.  This new product is displayed in the sidebar optin and also the popup that appears on my blog.

I had a great opportunity to record an interview style conversation with my mentor Sterling Valentine.  We discussed listbuiding in depth and recorded it!  It was a lot of fun for me as this was my very first interview and product.

I plan on doing many more of these interviews as I learned a lot and had a great time doing it.  I think this is a great medium to deliver information to my subscribers.

And if you haven’t already…make sure you get your copy of the call I had with Sterling.

Now, Sterling provided the Diamond team a unique system that enables us to track our marketing campaigns.  I spent part of the month learning how to use this new software to track all my traffic sources and determine critical business statistics like Cost Per Lead.

Now on to the numbers…

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[Diamond 360] Release The Hounds!

As I posted recently that I am putting myself out there and have entered the Diamond 360 Challenge where I am working with 5 other marketers through an intensive mentoring program. Well, The flood gates are open and the challenge has officially started! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be participating in … Read more

ListLaser.com 30 Day Challenge

I started to tell you in a previous post that I had some really cool excitement last year.

As part of my Internet marketing adventure I took part in a 30 day list building challenge.  This contest was a little different than most others.

It was not only how many subscribers you could add to your email list but also how creative you were throughout the contest in attracting these subscribers.

The contest was organized by Sterling Valentine and he had attracted many Internet marketers to be the judges for the contest.

Winners would win a trip to New York City to be part of the ListLaser Live event and also be part of a panel discussion.

The contest was really cool because Sterling and many other marketers within his personal circle of influence were all part of “Daily Video Interviews”.  These interviews had all kinds of amazing tips to help build your list. The videos were located here: http://listlaser.com/challenge/daily-video-blog (Hopefully these videos are still available for you)

So Where Is This Going?

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A New Beginning

Well my last post was July 19th, 2011…It’s pretty clear that I have not been active on this blog for quite some time. Along comes 2012…A New Year, A New Focus, A New Beginning! What the heck does that mean? Well, I am taking on anew challenges this year and this blog is going to … Read more