How to get more views on your YouTube videos?

How To Get More YouTube Views

Many content creators struggle with getting eyeballs on their YouTube videos.

Here are some tips to help get more people watching and subscribing to your YouTube channel.

1. Encourage your Existing Viewers to Subscribe

Your current watchers an ideal source or video viewers for your next recordings. Along these lines, you ought to urge them to subscribe to your channel. When they do, you will see a continuous increment in your view views.

You should simply ask them to hit the subscribe button on your channel. Adding a source of inspiration to your videos is additionally an extraordinary thought.

2. Get some information about what they want to see

On the off chance that you make videos that don’t speak to your audience, you will scarcely get any feedback. In this way, what you ought to do is get some information about what they need to see. Indeed, transferring content that your crowd adores is an incredible method for building viewership and keeping the consideration of your crowd.

3. Use Playlists for Better Watch Time

YouTube insights suggest that top channels have a variety of playlists. As a matter of fact, these brands know the significance of auto-play. At the point when the content is extraordinary, individuals will simply keep on watching recordings as they auto play.

4. Use Cards and End Screens

With end screens and cards, you can guide your viewer to your other related videos. In reality, cards work like pop-ups that appear during the playback. Then again, end-screens show up once your video closes.

5. Make SEO Titles and Descriptions

On the off chance that people don’t discover your videos, they won’t have the option to watch them. As it were, you have to follow best SEO methods so as to make your videos appear in web searches. Along these lines, what you have to do is include potential keywords when making titles and descriptions. Ensure that the catchphrases are important to your video content.

You can utilize Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends so as to make a rundown of helpful watchwords for your video portrayals.

6. Utilize Eye Catching Thumbnails

Many people filter content instead of read. So on YouTube, they check through the thumbnails of videos before they hit the play button. Thus, ensure that the thumbnails of your videos are convincing. It is anything but a smart thought to utilize auto-created thumbnails. Rather, you should utilize custom thumbnails.

To put it plainly, in the event that you need your videos to get huge amounts of views, you can follow the tips given right now. With these tips, it will be a lot simpler for you to develop consistency within your channel and get significantly higher subscribers.

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5 Kickass Secrets To Building Your Email List


Today I’m getting back to basics and resetting my roots in the fundamentals of building my email list.  Your email subscribers are the foundation of your affiliate and internet marketing business.

So I wrote down five of my strategies that I will be using to re-engaging and growing my followers.

Secret #1 – The Lead Magnet

Your job as an email marketer is to put targeted leads on your email list and that can be very tough and very frustrating when you begin.  By having a HIGH VALUE and EASILY DIGESTED lead magnet can make it 10 times easier to subscriber if they actually want to be on your email list and learn from you.

Giving them something deserving to trade their email for your ability to send them emails means providing something worthy for them to interact with you.

The hard part is being able to build a relationship with them right from the moment they subscriber to your email list.

You can creating things like, reports, checklists, mind maps which are great and easily consumable.  For the subscriber these are easy to go through and won’t take much of their time to get started with your content if it’s well done.

By creating some more in-depth training like videos and adding a link to your content you are giving them a chance to get to know more about you and how you can truly help them.

Secret #2 – The Two Step!

The two step optin method has been tested and proven to convert much higher than a one step optin.

When a potential subscriber click on the first button to bring up the optin form this creates what is called a micro commitment.  This small action immediately starts to build a culture with your subscriber.  You are teaching them to click on your content, including your soon to be coming affiliate links.

The secrets to the two step optin or any optin for the majority is to ask the subscriber for the bare minimum information you need to start communicating with them.  The less information you require from your subscribers the higher your conversions will be.

Just ask for the email.  Plain. Simple.

Secret #3 – Be The Bonus

Products are launched EVERY DAY.  How would you like to get a piece of that traffic with out creating the product?

A great strategy is to build relationships with not only your subscribers but also those vendors in your niche.

Ask those product vendors for a “Bonus Spot” on their download page or inside their members only area.  You provide their customers with even more great content that helps support the vendor.

Just give them a link to your optin page so their customers can access your content.  Now you have new subscribers on your email list.

The best part of this strategy is that these leads are BUYERS and extremely RESPONSIVE.

Secret #4 – Pop Up Boxes

You know those boxes that pop up when your on a page or trying to leave a site?

This are called light boxes.  These are very effective and can get a lot of people on your list.  These pop ups are engaging and almost IMPOSSIBLE to ignore.

Be UNIGNORABLE in your business.

You want to get these in front of everyone as much as possible until they subscribe.  Don’t worry about feeling your are annoying… You are… but it’s proven these work 😉

Studies have shown that people need to be exposed to things multiple times before they take action.  The more they see something.  The more they take action.

You can even use light boxes to get people to optin to finish reading a blog post.  Make them optin to get the complete content.  This is ninja strategy.

Secret #5 – Launch Your Own Product

This by far is my favourite way to build my email list.  It is the fastest way to build a list of targeted and responsive buyers.

This method is more labor intensive and there is definitely a learning curve to know how to launch a product successfully.  But once you have the process down you can create products quickly and the get the highest quality leads.

You need to put together great content worthy of someone to pay money for it.  And you need to do it on a consistent basis.

So that’s the top 5 secrets I will be using to build my list and that is where we are going to leave it for now.

I hope you find this helpful and please leave some comments below.

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Top 4 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

Promote Your Blog PostsSo you have just finished crafting your latest blog post.  But you don’t know who will ever see it.  The only people that know your new post exists are YOU!

If you are relying on search engines to rank your posts for all to see you may be waiting a very long time.  That is why content publishers need to utilize syndication strategies to get targeted viewers to your blog content and get noticed by your ideal customers.

Well, here are 4 ways to promote your new blog post…

 1. Social Media Sharing

This one probably goes without saying but most people don’t do this one properly.  Just by sharing your one line title and description on Twitter doesn’t attract new viewers to your blog post.  You will need to custom tailor your updates to the social media platform your are promoting to.

For example if you are posting to Facebook you may want to include an image and a longer description of your post.  For Twitter a shorter description is preferred but using the right hash tags is very important.

If you mention people, products or tools in your posts make sure you mention them in your social media updates.  They will be more likely to share your content with their following too.  Let them now you have mentioned them in the post so they are aware that they have been mentioned.  You can even ask them if they would mind sharing the content with their followers too.

Don’t think just by posting one update that your content will be seen by all.  Make sure you schedule updates to be published 2 or 3 times for maximum benefit.

(To get the ball rolling I use a premium plugin called Social Network Auto Poster PRO – You can get it here)

Do NOT underestimate the importance of creating a proper social media campaign for all your blog posts.  Allow yourself enough time to do it properly.

 2. Share With Your Subscribers

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