Top 4 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

Promote Your Blog PostsSo you have just finished crafting your latest blog post.  But you don’t know who will ever see it.  The only people that know your new post exists are YOU!

If you are relying on search engines to rank your posts for all to see you may be waiting a very long time.  That is why content publishers need to utilize syndication strategies to get targeted viewers to your blog content and get noticed by your ideal customers.

Well, here are 4 ways to promote your new blog post…

 1. Social Media Sharing

This one probably goes without saying but most people don’t do this one properly.  Just by sharing your one line title and description on Twitter doesn’t attract new viewers to your blog post.  You will need to custom tailor your updates to the social media platform your are promoting to.

For example if you are posting to Facebook you may want to include an image and a longer description of your post.  For Twitter a shorter description is preferred but using the right hash tags is very important.

If you mention people, products or tools in your posts make sure you mention them in your social media updates.  They will be more likely to share your content with their following too.  Let them now you have mentioned them in the post so they are aware that they have been mentioned.  You can even ask them if they would mind sharing the content with their followers too.

Don’t think just by posting one update that your content will be seen by all.  Make sure you schedule updates to be published 2 or 3 times for maximum benefit.

(To get the ball rolling I use a premium plugin called Social Network Auto Poster PRO – You can get it here)

Do NOT underestimate the importance of creating a proper social media campaign for all your blog posts.  Allow yourself enough time to do it properly.

 2. Share With Your Subscribers

After you have created your new blog post make sure you share it with your loyal email subscribers.  They shared their email address with you because they wanted to continue receiving information and help from you.

These will be the first people to share your new content.

Most autoresponders have a tool to automatically share your newest content with your subscribers.  Take advantage of automation!

Make sure you add some other cool tips or resources to these messages to over deliver this new post to your clan.  Even tell them about resources that weren’t mentioned in your post but are complimentary to your topic.

Make you subscribers feel special and they will keep coming back for more!

3. Social Bookmarking Your Latest Blog Post

Social bookmarking may not have the horsepower it had in the past but it is still a strategy that will bring in new visitors to your content.

You should submit your new post to sites like Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit along with some other social bookmarking sites.

If you would like to automate the process of bookmarking your content you can use services like Onlywire, SocialMarker or SocialADR.

4. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting can be a huge traffic source if done correctly.  You will also build back links to your content and create some VALUABLE relationships with other blog owners and authority figures in your niche.

First you will want to find blog posts that are related to your topic and niche and provide valuable and quality comments to enhance the original post.

If you are a CommentLuv plugin user (if not I recommend it) the easiest way to build back links to your blog content and including links to your content in comments is to post comments to other CommentLuv enabled blogs.  By leaving original and valuable tips and comments you will get more attention to your links.

Hope these strategies will help you in getting more views to your new blog post!

P.S. – Don’t forget to ping your new blog post either with sites like Pingler.

6 thoughts on “Top 4 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post”

  1. Well hello Trevor, your first pointer is the reason I switched to Buffer from Hootsuite, as the latter does not include post images when you share your content on Facebook. As you rightly point out images are key when it comes to visually rich media sites like Facebook or Pinterest.

    As for the others options, its important to consider these as communities you are joining rather than simply as sites you are exploiting for your traffic requirements.

    Become a valuable member of these communities and people will begin to flock to your recommendation but of course this takes time and that is not what most people want to hear when they are looking for traffic solutions but that is the reality of these free traffic generation options.


    • I am experimenting with different social media scheduling platforms and have been looking at Buffer.

      I agree with you that we need to connect with the community we are writing for and not just posting to sites just for traffic. It is called a “social” strategy for a reason. 🙂

      Like you said it does take time to create a persona in these communities. It does not happen over night and there is work to be done to be accepted.

  2. Hey Trevor,

    I am glad that I am on your blog as I found many helpful topics which are the basics for any blogger.

    Now coming back to your topic, I must say that you have used relevant points to describe it properly. You have talent, you have knowledge, but don’t know how to promote it, then you won’t be successful in blogging.So you have to promote it to achieve success. I mainly prefer marketing and commenting. But others point which you have mentioned, are equally important for the bloggers.

    Thanks a lot for writing this post.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Hi Swapnadip,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting here. There are so many ways to promote blog posts.

      I agree with you that to be seen you must take more steps than just posting. You need to be proactive and network with others in your niche also.


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