What is a Viral List Builder?

Well, in short a Viral List Builder is a community of like minded people who agree to receive emails from each other.  Members click on the emails to receive credits.  Members in turn use these credits to send emails of their own to the community.  There is also a platform where you can advertise using banners, text ads or even purchase a Spotlight Login page.  All these sources can create maximum exposure for your brand.

As viral list builders are credit based be sure to click on all the advertising and emails to increase your credit balance.  You can then use these credits to advertise your programs.  These communities can be very effective as long as the membership stay active within the program.

As a member of viral list builder sites you can use these emails to help build your own email list or promote other programs you are a member of.

Most of the viral list builder communities will allow free membership but there are some limitations.  When you upgrade your account you can email the membership more often, get monthly mailing credits, higher commission on referrals, etc.

Take a good look at the sign up offers as they can save you some money in the long run.

For a viral list builder to be beneficial to your business you need to ensure you use them properly to maximize your efforts.  If done wrong it can cost you time and money.

How Can A Viral List Builder Be Beneficial To You

If you use these programs correctly you can get…

1. Increased Traffic to the landing page of your choice that you are using to build your own list or program.

2. Commission by referring new members to the community or by selling items, e-books, services or subscriptions through your landing page or direct advertising in the community.

3. Network – You can increase the amount of people you touch by increasing your network through viral mailers that you not have been able to reach before.

Ready To Get Started

If you are ready to get started check out these top viral list builder programs.

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  1. Hi Trevor,

    Viral List Builders can help a lot in building your business if done right. I use a few of them as well, mainly for the purpose to grow my own mailing list.

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