Why Google Authorship Is Important For Your Branding

google-hangout-for-work-at-home-or-office-300x168Have you heard of Google Authorship?

If you are a content creator then you need to know what Google Authorship is and how it will benefit you.

On the surface Google Authorship will place your photo along with your byline in the search results beside your article title.  Just like how video results appear in the search results.  Most people are drawn to the results that contain images as they really catch your eye.

It is pretty cool to see your name in the search engine lights!

Here is an example of what you might see.


Google Authorship is a highly effective way to promote your content and brand yourself as an authority at the same time. They use what is called “Rich Snippets” to gather the information and show the author’s photo (which is attached to the authors Google+ account), full name and the amount of G+ circles they are members of.

Google Authorship ties in your Google + profile and creates a verified connection between content created on the internet and the authors who created the content.  By doing this Google can better identify quality content written by human beings from the content that is auto created for search engine rankings.

So What’s The Value Of Google Authorship?

For content creators like you and me this is great!  By having your picture in the content byline you will get noticed and more eyes on your content.

Research shows that the results with these content snippets get more eyes on them.  Two eye-tracking studies give us some real data on what visitors are looking at.  Check out these heat maps of eye tracking studies.  (You can see the studies Here , Here)


This data clearly shows that the photos are eye grabbing and helps your content stand out on the results page.  By having more interest in your listing this will increase your click through ratio in the Google results page.

By having the ability to increase your rankings just by utilizing Google Authorship this will be an advantage to newer blogs or content creators giving a competitive advantage.

Take advantage of setting up Google Authorship on your blog and beat the rest of the crowd.  Not everyone has taken advantage of this yet.

In the my next post I will take you through how to set up Google Authorship on your blog.

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